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Austin Butler Thinks He's Actually Elvis

Austin Butler has become our favorite person to troll recently. Austin Butler took the method acting route for his role & he's stuck. Fran phrased it best; it's like when you're little & you make faces & your parents tell you 'if you keep making that face it's going to get stuck that way'. Austin Butler may be Elvis forever.

We realized throughout all of this Austin is also in a new relationship with Kaia Gerber throughout all of this. Kaia is not even dating Austin Butler. Kaia is dating Elvis. She may not even know who Austin Butler is. 

Do yourself a favor & watch some recent interview from Austin Butler & tell us what you think because we just can't seem to stop talking about it as much as we try. 

I'm also in one of those moods on today's podcast where I just can't stop laughing & I hope you enjoy some of the corniest jokes you'll ever hear.

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