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BREAKING: Diletta Leotta's Star Power Grows After She Added A Film Award And Dominating A Red Carpet To Her Resume

5-tool player some are saying. Don't worry guys, there won't be a lot of words in this blog. I just happened to see this picture come across my feed and had to blog about because only a real dummy wouldn't congratulate Diletta Leotta on winning an award. In case you're wondering that movie would be Who Framed Santa Claus - some are saying the best movie of all time. But that's what Diletta does. She reports on soccer, she dominates red carpets, stars in movies and wins awards. 

This might help take a sting off of Italy not making the World Cup for Diletta. Looks like she's having a good time: 

If I had to guess, she likes bloggers in their mid-30s. Maybe even ones that write about college basketball. Just a hunch though.