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This World Cup Keeps Getting Dumber - Qatar Is Running Out Of Hotel Rooms So Fans Are Apparently Going To Have To Stay In Tents

[Source] - ENGLAND fans travelling to the World Cup face sleeping in £160-a-night TENTS. That’s because Qatar is reportedly running out of affordable hotels this winter. 

100,000 rooms in Doha and four other cities are being quickly snapped up by World Cup punters. And planners are now set to create a fan village in the capital offering up to 1000 tents.

Around 80 per cent are being billed as basic dwellings, with punters having access to running water and power. But despite the 30 degrees Celsius weather, there will be NO air conditioning.  The other 20 per cent will include more amenities for a luxury desert experience, including TVs and attached bathrooms. 

Qatar Tourism hopes the move towards tents alleviates some of the issues facing hotel bookings, says Bloomberg.

That’s because 80 per cent of the 30,000 hotel rooms left in Doha have already been reserved for teams, officials, guests and the media.

I gotta hand it to FIFA. They really one-upped themselves here. Sure, everyone knew they were corrupt. Sure, everyone knew that Qatar shouldn't hold a World Cup let alone a JV high school soccer event. But here we are. Actually we're not here because again the World Cup is in fucking Qatar. We should be getting ready to watch the World Cup. We should be getting ready for bars and parties and Christian Pulisic. 

But this? Shocking that Qatar doesn't have enough hotel rooms. I'm honestly shocked there's even a hotel in Qatar. Imagine getting the once in a lifetime dream of going to see your country play in the World Cup and you have to stay in a tent. Only FIFA baby. Only the most corrupt organization out there. Putting the World Cup in a country that can't even hold enough people makes a ton of sense. 

I love the no A/C caveat too. 30 degrees celsius is a cool 86 degrees. There's nothing worse than trying to sleep when you're hot. I want the windows open and fan going in the winter. Give me my blankets, let me curl up like a little kid and snore away. Nobody sleeps well when you're hot. You start sticking to the sheets, sweating and just feel uncomfortable. Now you get to do that in a tent in Qatar! Win/win baby. 

Dumbest World Cup ever*

*Until the US wins it

PS: This is going to be worth it though when we get Donnie Does A Qatar Tent