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There's so much talk about legacy this, legacy that. All I know is we're seeing one of the most influential players in the history of basketball dominate ... again. That's legacy. All I know is we're seeing a guy who changed the game in a way that very few ever have dominate ... again. That's legacy. Say what you want about the entire Warriors team, what we'r witnessing isn't normal. Not with Steph. I know Klay and Draymond were there. I know this team is mostly made up of their own draft picks and smart signings. No more KD. This isn't a 'Super Team'. This is old school Spurs. This is Manu/Duncan/Parker just with a different three. A different three. What we saw was history. 

I don't want to hear about Finals MVP or any of that bullshit. This was always Steph's team. This showed it for another year. Steph was a guy who had question marks coming into the league. Just how good was this top-10 pick? Did he really want to go to Golden State? Would his ankles hold up? None of that shit matters man. That's why the headline is so simple. 


That's the only way you can describe Steph. He's a top-10 player on success. He's a top-10 player (and better) on how he changed the game. It was honestly remarkable when he missed tonight. Dude is just legendary. 

We won't see another Steph. Embrace it. Enjoy it.