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Phenomenal Chirp At The US Open: "Hey Phil! Al Horford Over 9.5 Rebounds!"

Love this. Phil has to take this bet, no? When you hear a tip, there's no going back. You have to take it. You simply cannot be the guy sitting there when Al Horford has double digit boards by the half. No dumber feeling when a bet was right there in front of you and you didn't take it. And if Al Horford lays an egg? Welp. Money lost but that ain't on me. That's on Murph off the 17th fairway. 

I'm sure Phil (responsibly) moved the line to 11 or 12 boards after he laid all that LIV cash on that prop.

PS Hey Murph, throw in a 1-800-Gambler next time while you're at it.