Dan Snyder Strikes Again: Washington DC Will Not Host Any 2026 World Cup Games



Dan Snyder is not just terrible for my life, not just terrible for your life, not just terrible for football, not just terrible for Washington DC, not just terrible for the United States, but he's terrible FOR THE WORLD. It's hard to have such a negative impact on the world in the way Dan Snyder has been able to achieve. It wasn't enough to ruin a once proud football team. It wasn't enough for him to bring shame and dishonor to the NFL, he now is impacting sports on a global level. Because of his incompetence, DC will become just the 2nd capital of a host country never to host a World Cup game. Not even one of the little qualifiers at the beginning between countries that don't even have food. Nothing. Completely shut out. 

First he came for our football, and Goodell said nothing. Then he came for the world's football. What is the next football Snyder will bring down? Pray for Hey Arnold's head 🙏🙏🙏