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If You Think Flying Sucks Now, Behold the Double Decker Plane Seat

CBS News — Flying economy for any extended period of time is an experience usually endured rather than enjoyed, but one airplane seat designer reckons his design could revolutionize budget travel.

Alejandro Núñez Vicente's Chaise Longue Airplane Seat concept started small scale last year, as a college project for the then 21-year-old. A nomination in the 2021 Crystal Cabin Awards -- a top prize in the aviation industry -- swiftly followed, and the design became the focus of a flurry of online attention following a CNN Travel article.

Since then, Núñez Vicente's been making waves in the world of aviation. He's paused his master's degree to pursue the project full time. He's in talks with big-name airlines and seat manufacturing companies. He's been granted some hefty investment that's allowed the project to develop.

I can appreciate where this idea came from. Alejandro Nuñez Vicente wanted to help people who can't afford to fly all the time to get where they want or need to go with airline prices that are absolutely out of control right now. That's definitely a worthwhile cause that needs some sort of innovative fix. But the execution here seems likely to cause far more harm than good, if we're being honest.

My first thought when I saw this was that it could actually be good for legroom, which is my chief concern when boarding an aircraft. However, anything gained in legroom is more than balanced out negatively by the fact you are staring someone's asshole right in the face. One fart and you are absolutely done for.

And the more I think about it, how is this even creating any more seats on the plane? The elevated seats are just replacing the ones that would be on the floor anyway, right? You're just elevating every other row and making things way more clunky. I'm positive there's something I'm missing, but these pictures don't fully explain this concept extremely well.

All it's going to take is one Spirit or Frontier to try this and once they start raking in the cash, this idea from Hell will be on every major airline within a year. We must stop this before it starts. I'm sure Alejandro will come up with another invention that actually helps people, but this can't come to fruition.