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Paige Spiranac Has Been Named The "Sexiest Woman Alive" By Maxim Magazine


Go Paige go!

Before we get to Paige, I'd like to give a quick shoutout to Maxim Magazine. In a time where print is basically dead unless you're sitting in a dentist office waiting room, the magazines of yesteryear like Maxim deserve some recognition. Being a teen and one of your friends acquiring a Maxim was like hitting the lottery. Not really understanding how thongs work was a right of passage for every 16 year old boy ((seriously though, I'm 33 and still aren't positive how they work). 

So while print media might be dead, let's give it up for Maxim for sticking to their roots and still handing out Sexiest Woman Alive awards! In a time where some institutions might fear getting "canceled" because they called a woman sexy who isn't 900 pounds with with blue hair, I applaud Maxim for getting this right. I'm sure if I did a deep dive into the bowels of Twitter I could find people being mad about this, but I think as a society we need to stop worrying about what morons on Twitter say and just get back to living life. Props to Maxim, and props to Paige for being hot as hell.







Ok real talk, it's really hard to embed Paige's IG pictures onto the blog because she advertises like a million different gambling companies in her IG captions lol so just go to her IG if you want to see more.