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The World's Biggest Boy Band BTS Is Going On Hiatus

The BTS Army may need to lean on One Direction fans for some direction. That was corny but remains true. One Direction fans remember the day One Direction announced their hiatus like it was yesterday. Now, BTS has done the same to be able to focus on their own careers. 

Any band/musical group super fans know this is doomsday. While we hope for the BTS Army that this isn't the case, it almost always is the end. The 'we're going on hiatus' route is just the easiest way to let your fans down easy. Then it's years later & one of your old band members is on Logan Paul's podcast saying he threatened another member of the band to keep their hands off of him.

It will be interesting to see who ends up becoming the Harry Styles of the group OR the Zayn Malik because somehow Zayn has more followers on Instagram than Harry. 

For the full breakdown listen to yesterdays's Chicks in the Office here: