LEADER: Josh Allen Apparently Spends Every Day Trying To Hit Bills Players With 'Deez Nuts' Jokes

It's proven that the greatest leaders in sports love a good Deez Nuts jokes: 

Leaders. That's what Josh Allen is doing here. He's keeping it loose. He's trying to keep Buffalo the fun place to play while winning.  That's what you want out of QB1. I know as a Giants fan our current leader is a Real Swag is No Swag guy, but I wouldn't hate seeing a report that he's hitting Wan'Dale Robinson with Deez Nuts jokes. Are they overplayed? Absolutely. But it's a classic. It's something that everyone has said or heard at least once in their life. 

I'm also debating updating my rankings of beloved athletes. Does anyone hate Josh Allen? I don't think so. I don't even think Pats fans hate him. He's just this super tall dude that likes to have a good time. Can play for my team if he ever gets bored in Buffalo. 

I also love that he does it daily. It's not a random thing. Josh Allen is just looking to fire off deez nuts jokes. The man was made to play in Buffalo with that sort of logic. Can't argue the leadership.