Smashing Hundreds Of Bottles Of Wine At The Place You Work Is One Way To Let Your Bosses Know You Don't Like Them

Daily Mail- A woman who admitted that she could 'barely contain her anger' at being fired was filmed on surveillance camera smashing hundreds of bottles of wine at an Argentinian supermarket. Evelin Roldán was fired from her job at the Polo Supermarket in Rafaela, Argentina on Monday. The 25-year-old had a discussion with the store owners, which became so heated that they called police. Roldán then cleared out multiple shelves of wine and threw the bottles across the isle floor. She was later arrested.

Roldán defended her actions which she were came under a 'state of rage' and claimed the video - which is only eight seconds long - did not reveal everything,  according to a statement obtained by local media outlets. 'I hope to be able to have a place to tell the other side of the conflict, as they did when they sent videos and incomplete information, pretending to be totally unaware of what happened,' she wrote. Roldán said she lost her temper and vandalized the supermarket due to cruel treatment her old bosses had subjected during the course of her employment.

Let me start this blog off by saying I almost always blindly take an employee's side in a labor matter over a boss' side because I've been an employee for all of my life while never being a boss for even a second. It could be some clerk mad at her boss at a grocery store or billionaire owners locking out millionaire players in a sport that makes ton of money. Regardless of the circumstance, it's fuck The Man until proven otherwise.

HOWEVAH, if you go viral by smashing a ton of innocent booze created to make the pains of the work week temporarily go away while screaming like a banshee, you have instantly lost the benefit of the doubt of the court of opinion. I'm not saying it's right or it's wrong. But it's simple facts. I showed this video to Large and this was his reaction to seeing all those fine reds and whites getting smashed:

I love this picture so much

JK, that's from an old episode of The Podfathers. But the point still stands that if you hate your boss or the way they treat you, the best course of action is to quit on their ass, preferably at a time where they will need you most. And if you want to weaponize the internet like we allegedly do here at Barstool, you can go super viral by quitting. But do so in a much more entertaining fashion that doesn't involve destroying gallons upon gallons of innocent booze.