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Classic Rookie Hazing: JJ Redick Owes Grant Hill His Life After He Stopped Hedo Turkoglu From Wanting To Pee On JJ

Just some classic rookie hazing here. Duct taping JJ Redick to a chair for being late and then Hedo taking it a step too far. All I know is JJ owes Grant Hill his life. You don't come back from being peed on. There's a good chance JJ doesn't have a long NBA career and become this podcaster if Hedo pisses on him in the showers. That shit will haunt you for your entire career and no doubt JJ hits a slump and becomes a bust if that happens. Instead good guy Grant Hill decided to stop that. 

How about Hedo though? Take it easy man. That guy sounds like the 6th year senior who is way too eager for pledges. For sure the guy that takes the joke too far - we all know that guy. The guy who can't just laugh at a joke or comes back with how he fucked your mother or something like that. Meanwhile the joke is about not being able to make a free throw. Legit crazy person that Hedo. 

That said being duct taped to a chair and basketball stanchion doesn't seem fun. I have a phobia of being tied up and not being able to move. Good news is if you duct taped to something you ultimately become a massive success.

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I wish there was video of JJ trying to do the same thing as Hank here. Two legendary Duke guys just being hazed, as it should be. 

Long story short - make sure you have someone in your corner who will prevent someone from peeing on you. That's a good pal.