iPad Checkouts Are The Biggest Scam on Earth

On the last episode of the bracket, we debated the worlds biggest scams and schemes. A late entry for the title was iPad checkouts and I will explain why. 

This might just be a city phenomenon, but NYC has become flooded with iPad checkouts that guilt you into tipping for shit that you absolutely should not tip for. I'm not talking getting a cup of coffee, a salad or whatever. I'm talking something that requires next to no labor at all from the worker. I went to a store the other day and got a loaf of bread. The guy handed me the loaf, then flipped the terminal which suggested I give him a 20% tip. The fuck? For handing me an overpriced loaf of bread? I am one of the biggest pro-tipping guys that you will ever see, but a man has to have his limits. 

You can watch the full thing above or listen below.