The Best Poker Player At Barstool Just Brought Home A WSOP Circuit Event And Gold Ring


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Final Table: 


Look, I'm not gonna toot all the horns saying this is the greatest win in the history of poker/life. Shipping a $109 buy-in $25K guarantee regional event featuring a 115 PA only field isn't the biggest score ever, but I'll tell ya what..



I've been playing a good amount and seriously studying/working on my game for awhile now. We've been getting close recently to a real sweet hit but have been bubbling/min cashing due to either bad luck or an infamous Smitty shit up (mostly the latter). It's nice to see it all finally come together and take one of these fuckers down. If anything it reaffirms that we may not be that dogdick at cards, after all. Not to mention winning a WSOP Gold Ring is just plain cool. Sorry if it seems corny, but I grew up watching the grinders and the greats rack up bracelets and rings left and right. I don't know….it's just really cool for me. 


And the money? It's a solid W for the common man, and common man we are. Most of the money is going towards diapers and fixing a leak in the plumbing of our house, which is literally the least sexy thing one can possibly do with poker winnings. $5K doesn't mean I can take the wife to Chanel and get her whatever she pleases, but I can for sure give her the card to wait in line at Target.

Oh, and we also qualify for the 2022 WSOP Tournament Of Champions, which is actually a big deal. The only way you can secure a seat in the $1 Million freeroll at the end of the WSOP in Vegas is to win a bracelet/ring either live or online:



300-ish person field for a $1,000,000 freeroll? Thank you sir may I have another! Gonna be fun making a video busting out of that bad boy in Level 2.

Next Stop: WSOP Main Event. Hopefully. The $10K buy-in is still a mighty one for your guy, but hopefully we can chip up in the 2 weeks left before it starts. Or maybe a sponser/backer wants to wisely invest in someone playing at the top of their game and can give you viral viewership from the desert, let's jam diggity. You'll get your money's worth win or…guaranteed victory. Till then…



PS - We had Faraz Jaka, certified slayer, on Cracking Aces this week. No joke, I listened to a free 2 hour lesson from him and then proceeded to play the best poker of my life winning the WSOP Circuit Event. Best you get in on his wise words, too.