This Shrek-Themed Uber Is The Most Electric Thing You'll Come Across Today

Holy fucking ELECTRIC. On the exterior you'd think the idea of a Shrek Uber would be stupid, but once you see the Shrek Uber in action? Completely different story. As you can see the Shruber is nothing short of fantastic. You got Shrek going on the mini-screen, you got maybe the once in a lifetime Shrek light up head on the dashboard, you got Shrek stuffed animals to play with on your ride to the bar, then you got Shrek stickers on the back of the car, ALL BEFORE you see the cherry on top in the license plate in the form of 'Shrek1'.

Though this begs the question...why don't more ubers theme out their rides with beloved pop culture characters, history, television, or movies? I would absolutely die for a Sopranos-themed uber. Imagine the potential? Gandolfini stuffed animals. License plate Tony1. All the best episodes playing 24/7/365 throughout the night. Find me something that would pump you up more on your way to going out for a night? Nothing possibly better. So shoutout to the Shruber for hopefully being a pioneer in the upcoming world of themed-ubers.