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I Cannot Get Enough Of These MCU x Breaking Bad Mashup Videos That Has Tuco Killing Peter Parker, Huell Joining The Illuminati In Multiverse Of Madness, And Saul Goodman Offering To Defend Spider-Man In Court

So I blogged about this Thanos vs. Tuco fight a few weeks because I was blown away by how good it was. Not only the editing, which was a 1000 out of 1000, but just having to idea of having two of the scariest beings to ever grace a screen face off.

So I took a look at the YouTube page of the people that created it and there were some more absolute gems on there.

First up we had Saul Goodman looking to defend Peter Parker in No Way Home.

I thought having (6 MONTH OLD SPOILER ALERT) Matt Murdock defend Peter Parker was an all-time great twist that caused my theater to go bonkers. But to have the criminal lawyer CRIMINAL lawyer formerly known as Jimmy McGill rep Spidey would've caused actual brains to melt, likely because it would essentially be merging two incredible cinematic universes together.

Then we have Huell getting edited into an audience reaction video of the illuminati reveal in The Multiverse of Madness.

Editing characters into a video that looks like a fan leaked bootleg shot on an iPhone11 is God level shit and that's coming from someone who works with geniuses like Quigs.

You want to see Tuco meet up with Peter Parker after coming down from his mind stone high only to watch Peter Parker kill Peter Parker (insert Spider-Man meme here where everyone is dead).

They even have stuff for the horny nerds, which let's be honest is all nerds.

All in all, I give the Alternative Cuts YouTube page 4.7 Balls with a chance for more depending on where else they dabble in the Breaking Bad and MCU universes. A solid score but still work to be done to get to the perfect 5.0 Balls of the My Mom's Basement YouTube page where Robbie and I break down all things Marvel (full recap of the new MCU phases coming soon with our pal Jose Youngs so subscribe on YouTube, Apple, and/or Spotify).

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P.S. I feel like I have to include this incredible Breaking Bad video at the end of the blog since it was a Must Watch after it was updated following every season.

Looks like Sony took down the video that had millions of views for years but I think that's as good as we're gonna get