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Team Guy: Scottie Barnes Stopped His Live Stream Just So He Could Blast A Reporter For Following Him On Social Media

[Post] - “Why is Jake L. Fischer following me?” Barnes asked while presenting his Instagram page to the live stream. “Nah, there’s no way the man thinks it’s cool to follow me after he’s putting out bad reports. 

“It’s sick. Talking about my boy wanting a trade? It’s sick, bro. Sickening. You gotta do better, fam.”

The “bad reports” in question were a series of statements by Fischer in which the reporter suggested that Raptors forward OG Anunoby was unhappy with his role in Toronto. Fischer later appeared on Nate Duncan’s Dunc’d On podcast, where he inflated the rumors even more, saying, “there’s a lot of guys who are dissatisfied with their roles in Toronto.”

Good for Scottie Barnes man. That's what you should do for a teammate. I don't care if the report is true or not, Scottie is going to stand up for his guys until they aren't his guys. That's just being a good teammate. Crazy that Scottie is coming off his rookie year because he seems way more mature than that with how he handles reporters and shit. I also say it all the time, but why not have guys that are honest? I don't have a problem with Scottie calling out Jake Fischer. If he thinks his report is bullshit, do it. 

You gotta remember here too that OG would be upset about his role because Scottie came out and won Rookie of the Year. They are similar players, even if I think you can play both out there at the same time and be fucking awesome defensively. However, people are going to run with it and see what happens in the offseason. 

I know people will complain about him live streaming, but I love it. Give me as much access to players as possible. I want them to talk freely and not be afraid to call people out. It's the biggest benefit of this era. We still have the Kawhi's of the world but we also have guys that will speak their mind.