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Motivation 101: Brazilian Soccer Fans Stormed The Team's Office To Confront Players After Starting The Season Like Shit

I don't blame these fans at all. Botafogo players are playing like assholes. They have 12 points in 11 matches. That ain't good. You can't have 3 wins in 11 matches and think you can get away with it. We're talking about BRAZILIAN soccer here. They take it kind of serious, groundbreaking news here. I know some people are upset claiming it's crazy or not for fans to do. I disagree in this situation. They have to do something to inspire the team and maybe fear works. You never know. What if Botafogo gets hot and starts winning matches? We'll look right to this situation as the turning point for the year. It's called motivation. 

I love this here too: 

Translated:  Coach Luís Castro talks with fans and receives support for upcoming games Alvinegra fans start mobilization for a decisive duel, this Thursday, against São Paulo, which should mark the team's reaction in the championship

See, I told you it would work. You have the coach and fans coming together as one now. They are ready to support after getting everything off their chest. We'll see if they get a win here today at 3pm. Either way, way to take the slow start of the season into your own hands. It takes an entire city to not get relegated.