Every Stanley Cup Final Game That Goes To Overtime Needs To Switch Over To The Spanish Broadcast

Hockey is lacking that signature voice of the game now that Doc Emrick has retired. This was the first Stanley Cup Finals win for the Colorado Avalanche since they won the Cup in 2001. These fans have been waiting over 20 years for this moment and what does Sean McDonough hit them with?

"Score! Burakovsky on the follow up. And game one goes to the Avs in overtime"

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The biggest goal in the past 20 years for the Avs and that's the call they get? Yuck. If you listen to the full video with all the calls above, the radio call from Denver was pretty good so hopefully most Avs fans just listen to the game on radio with the broadcast muted. But then you have to worry about getting the timing right. You don't want to hear a call that is 3 seconds behind the TV. You don't want what you're seeing on TV to be ruined by a call that happened 7 seconds ago. Even if you get it to one-second off, it's still enough to throw you off the whole night. 

So here's an easier solution. Whenever a Stanley Cup Final game goes to overtime, just switch the main feed over to the Spanish broadcast. Because holy heck does Kenneth Garay bring the energy. Sure, it might be a little difficult to keep up with if, let's say, the game goes to multiple overtimes. But when you get a call like that as opposed to what we got on ABC? It's worth having to break out the Rosetta Stone. Plus Burakovsky made sure everybody was able to get to sleep at a reasonable hour by putting that one away just a minute thirty into overtime. 

While we're at it, let's figure out a way to get this camera shot during the game as well.