The Swedes Are So Hot That Even Their Trash Cans Will Have You Wanting To Stick Your Junk Deep Inside Them

The Swedish city of Malmö is taking dirty talk to a whole new level in its latest effort to clean up the streets.

By installing talking garbage cans that dish out racy audio messages after being fed trash, authorities are hoping for an increase in rubbish being deposited.

Pedestrians that drop trash into one of two bins on the city's Davidshallsbron bridge are rewarded with extremely positive feedback from a sultry female voice, who offers a range of responses.

"Oh, right there, yes!", "Come back soon and do that again!" and "Mmm, a bit more to the left next time," feature among the programmed messages.

The city has plans to add even more sexual phrases to their trash cans. We talk about that and what we'd make those sexy sexy cans say. Wouldnt be the first time I got a little handsy with some cans, my friends. Talkin tits. I've touched em.  

If that's not enough, we got more. 

Round 1: Station beautification has arrived in Sweden. Throwing away trash is likely to end up with someone feelin very very horny. 

Round 2: Lots of people swear by military-grade things. Military-grade gummy bears could leave you in a world of hurt. 

Round 3: Stolen Valor Joe Biden? I mean, yeah. Kinda. If you're gonna clown Madison Cawthorn about it, Joe deserves the same thing. 

Round 4: It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Johnny Kim is back at it again. 

Round 5: JD Vance deserves to be called an Ex-Marine if what being reported is true