These NBA Finals Have To Be Absolute Torture For Minnesota Timberwolves Fans

Garrett Ellwood. Getty Images.

I have some soft spots in my heart for certain NBA fanbases. I feel for Kings fans that deserve way better than what their current front office/ownership has given them over the last like 20 years. That shit ain't right. I also had a ton of college friends from the great state of Minnesota, and considering that fanbase has also suffered for basically half my life, I root for them and for my friends to finally experience something good when it comes to their favorite basketball team. That's why the Wolves run was so fun to watch this year. They really seem to have something with Anthony Edwards, KAT is one of the greatest shooting big men in history and I do think they have a bright future as long as they find a way to commit to the defensive end.

At the same time, these Finals have to be absolute torture for the fine people of Minnesota who might be diehard Wolves fans. This tweet went viral showing just why that is, and it's tough to argue

There might be some nuance around that Klay/Love bullet point missing, but the overall point remains. The Wolves have indirectly contributed to not just the previous success of this Warriors Dynasty, but also what could very well be another title if they are able to close out Game 6 tomorrow night. The passing on Curry twice thing, that certainly stings but they've had to hear about that for over a decade. That pain I imagine has subsided. The Wiggins part surely has to sting though. Considering Games 4 & 5 were the first time in his career that Wiggins has had a double double in back to back games, my guess is this version of Wiggins was the one that Wolves fans were waiting for during his entire tenure

Let's call it how it is. Wiggins has made quite the case for himself as the second best player in this entire series. He found a role that fits which isn't exactly the Wolves fault but would definitely annoy the shit out of me. If it makes any potential Wolves fan reading this blog feel any better, embedding that video into this blog also severely triggered me. You are not alone. 

Here's where these current Finals really twist the knife though. These Warriors who may have in part been built by MIN are playing the Celtics. We all remember why mentioning the Celtics and Wolves is relevant in this discussion correct?

Brian Babineau. Getty Images.


Ah yes, the Wolves delivering a championship to the Celts for basically Al Jefferson (love Big Al) and Ryan Gomes. I do wonder if seeing the Celts in the Finals and the talk about 2008 brings all those feelings back. 

At some point, you want to stop having to live a life where your favorite basketball team is basically just the feeding ground for big markets who ultimately reach the top of the same mountain you are trying to climb. That would get very, very annoying. My advice? Focus more on this stuff

Maybe not screwing up the draft and taking Edwards and then collectively taking a step forward as a franchise this season is a sign of what's to come. Focus on that, even though the internet and I'm sure TV at some point tomorrow will probably mention how you built the Warriors. You don't deserve to have to listen to that even after all these years, even if it's kind of true.