The Best Pop Punk Album Of The Year Has Arrived

Last week, I interviewed a band called State Champs at Barstool HQ and broke down their new album, 'Kings of the New Age', track-by-track with the entire band, getting tidbits and stories about each and every song.

It's an appropriately titled record, in my eyes, as State Champs are either 1a or 1b with Neck Deep (or The Wonder Years) as far as modern "new age" pop punk bands go. They've got an awesome sound that blends new with old, reminiscent of bands like The Starting Line, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, the All-American Rejects, Blink 182, etc - and their new album is absolutely fucking awesome. Everyone I've recommended to has loved it and it's legitimately my favorite record put out in 2022 thus far. It's full of features, very Summer-y, and every song is more catchy than the last....

I've found that interviewing a rock n' roll band always makes for an unpredictable experience, and this time around proved no different, as Ryan - State Champs' bassist - partied a little too hard the night before and became the first guest in My Mom's Basement history to puke on-air....

Party on Wayne.

Check out the album first, get familiar with these tunes, and then come back here and listen to the band break it down….