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The Girls Ran the Boat this Weekend in the Florida Keys

This past weekend Barstool Outdoors hit the saltwater in the Florida Keys. Shania Twain was deep in my veins as the girls and I reeled in Mahi-mahi, black fin tuna, and mutton snapper. Scarlet, the one in the video below that smacked in the head with the mahi, ended up cooking up fresh ceviche (not pictured) and I genuinely felt like I was in heaven. 

The best part about this trip is I was able to free dive for the first time and spear my first barracuda. It was so badass and the footage from the underwater housing is so epic. 

Once we hit 70k subscribers on Youtube I am inviting a subscriber to join me on one of my trips. Maybe it'll be my next deep sea adventure with Mean Girls Jordyn and Alex.

Deep Sea fishing is a sport that I've slowly started to like more and more. Growing up in the midwest I have always been very biased to freshwater fishing, but as I've salt water fished more I have become a little bit more excited to go every time, especially if it has anything to do with bowfishing or spearfishing! 

Our first episode from this trip comes out tomorrow at 11:30 central time presented by Toyota. I'm pumped for y'all to see it.