I Made Cowboy Cookies For The Office

The Civli War Power Bar

I made Cowboy Cookies for the office. They were considered the first power bar of the plains. This cookie must have been nutritious and hearty for the hardworking cowboy back in the day because today, it wouldn’t be considered so! All of the ingredients were fresh and had no preservatives like we do today. I wonder if there was such a thing as glucose intolerance or wheat or gluten sensitivities. I feel good when I eat bread in Italy and France, so there’s that, too. What up, America?

Big Cat gave these cookies a 5. I’ll take that. 



These cookies are like beefed-up chocolate chip cookies that are hearty, not as sweet as a traditional chocolate chip cookie, and not necessarily savory, just a good-tasting hearty cookie. Like a chocolate chip cookie, it can be crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle, or undercooked for a more delicate cookie. I like crunchy! Especially if you reheat it! Loved it with my coffee.


I used this recipe: DO NOT let politics play into this yummy cookie recipe, seriously.  

No, I DO NOT know what side of the Civil War ate these….. probably both.