Hero: Pro Basketball Player And Firefighter Myles Copeland Rushed On The Court To Save A Ref From A Heart Attack During A Playoff Game

Good Lord what a story we have here. Myles Copeland plays for the Toledo Glass City basketball team. He's also a full-time firefighter. More importantly he's now a hero. The story is laid out there in the tweet. Toledo was playing a playoff game against the Jamestown Jackals when referee John Scully collapsed and was having a heart attack. That's when Copeland rushed into action (h/t Post Journal):

“So I was sitting on the bench and right across the court I saw the ref collapse,” Copeland said Sunday afternoon. “Instantly, my instincts kicked in and I’m there before I get time to think. I felt for a pulse, making sure he’s breathing. I didn’t feel a pulse, so I just started doing CPR like I’m trained to do.”

Copeland administered CPR on Scully for around 30 minutes and when Scully left for the hospital he was awake and alert.

Copeland saved his life.

I can't even imagine being in that situation. It's the best and worst coming together. A heart attack only to have someone playing in the game knowing what to do in that situation and not panicking. A true somethings are bigger than sports situation while turning into a hero. I know we all like to think we'd act in that situation, but the pressure of having to give CPR when you don't full a pulse is terrifying. 

Oh and the ref is tough as nails too. He woke up and wanted to get back on the court to ref again. (h/t WTOL)

Sculli's fiance, Donna Metz, was in the stands. Sculli was awake and alert by the time he left the gym. Metz said he asked to return to the court to officiate the game, but EMTs quickly dismissed the idea.

Naturally Copeland's team ended up winning game 2 and game 3 to move to the Elite Eight of the TBL. That seems like the secondary story here but worth mentioning. Either way shout out Myles Copeland for being a hero.