We Have Our First Photo Of Ryan Gosling As Ken In "Barbie," Breaking News, He's Extremely Hot

I'm all the way in. Is the bleach blonde hair a little different than traditional Ken? Yes. Is his look a little more rugged than expected, with this cutoff jean vest? Also yes. Can I focus on anything except his EIGHT PACK? No, I can't. 

Giphy Images.

I've never been super into really cut/jacked guys, not that I DON'T think its hot, but its never a dealbreaker if someone's walking around without the chiseled body of a Grecian God. After this photo? I might be singing a different tune. Maybe everyone loves a super fit guy…because it is in fact, very hot? Maybe I'm feeling this way because I know in addition to those abs, this is RYAN GOSLING we're talking about? Mr La La Land himself? Mr Notebook? My Crazy Stupid Love? Christ Almighty. With Margot Robbie as Barbie herself, I'm going to have to bring a bucket to the movie theater to catch all my drool. 

I'm not positive what the tone of this movie is going to be, I can't imagine its going to be "serious" in any way and it will likely be a kitschy/campy tongue-in-cheek type of deal. I'm all over it. Give me the pink dream house, pink dream car, oversaturated color palettes and the idea of a perfect life where you can do anything. Anyone in my age range would LOVE to disassociate and eat it all up.