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Lebron Isn't Even The Most Famous Thing From Akron, Ohio. Swenson's Is And It's Not Even Close.

There you have it. Straight from the man, Akron's son, Patrick Carney of The Black Keys' mouth. 

What the fuck is Swenson's you ask?

Swensons Drive-In is an Ohio drive-in restaurant chain with locations in the Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati areas. Swensons' signature hamburger is the Galley Boy, a double cheeseburger prepared using two sauces, and the restaurant also purveys 18 different milkshakes.

Wesley T. "Pop" Swenson started selling hamburgers at Buchtel High School out of a station wagon in 1933. In 1934, he opened a restaurant on South Hawkins Avenue in Akron, near West Market Street. Swenson sold the restaurant in 1949 to Robert Phillips, who began expansion in 1952 with a second location in North Akron on East Cuyahoga Falls Avenue. Other locations include Stow (1987), Montrose (1995), Jackson Township, Seven Hills (2001), North Canton, University Heights (2017), North Olmsted (2018), Avon (2018) and Willoughby (July 2021). Expansion of the chain into the Columbus area is complete with locations in Dublin, New Albany, Columbus, and Hilliard.

Their food is unreal. 

And one of the best parts is all their locations are staffed by these high school track team kids that literally sprint to and from your car to take and run your order. It's hustle like you rarely see these days. 

I lobbed this question up to Patrick hoping he'd go 1- Swensons, 2- Black Keys, and 3- Lebron but being the humble, and avid Cleveland sports fan that he is, it was no surprise he ranked them the way he did. 

What was a surprise though was hearing how big of a hamburger connoisseur he is. 

Our entire interview was awesome, if you haven't listened yet what the hell are you waiting for?

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