BARSTOOL FINANCE: Join us LIVE at 1:50 PM in the gambling cave for the FED DECISION

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives...

And depending on what the Fed announces at 2 PM, the rest of our lives could be spent living under a bridge.

You might have heard that the economy is spiraling worse than Amber Heard's career. And there's only one man who can save us: the Fed Chair Jerome Powell aka J-Poww.

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His crack team of economists is discussing the fate of the US economy at this very moment. And at 2 PM EST they'll announce how they plan to get inflation under control.

The two choices? Raise the Fed's interest rate by 0.50% OR raise it by 0.75%. 

Wall Street is on the edge of their very expensive, ergonomically designed seats (probably in a home office somewhere "out East"). 

You see, just last week almost everyone expected the Fed would raise rates by 0.50%. But, after some piss poor inflation data late last week, 0.75% (or more) seems more likely.