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Good Guy Shaq Decided To Show Up To An NYC Restaurant And Pick Up Everyone's Tab For 'Well Over $25,000'

Yeah, I mean this is what you do when you're loaded. Shaq is known for showing up at stores and paying for families and taking them shopping. He once notoriously showed up at a jewelry store and paid for an engagement ring. 

Here's the thing. Shaq doesn't have to do this shit. I don't care how rich he is, it's not like every rich person consistently has stories of doing this. That's what Shaq does. He's just a gigantic kid who happens to be one of the most dominant basketball players of all time and likes to give back. That's awesome in my book. It's not like $25,000-plus is anything to shake your head at either. That's a lot of money in my eyes! 

And shout out Shaq for tipping more than anyone ever had and paying for the wait staff. That's the coolest part of it all to me. Everyone knows people in the food service industry gets a ton of shit. So shout out Shaq for doing something for them on top of picking up everyone's tab. I do wonder if they knew at all during the ordering process. Part of me would want to order the nicest thing that I never would think of ordering. 

Now, sit back and enjoy Shaq and Chuck: