Tommy Smokes Got Utterly Embarrassed By Nate

Barstool Plays Mario Kart 64!

We had a bunch of 1v1s in this video - Tommy vs Nate, myself vs Rico, Kenjac vs TJ and Glenny vs Kelly Keegs! I won't give too much away, but Tommy Smokes got utterly embarrassed by Nate! It was an absolute bloodbath. Before playing, Tommy had to ask Nate and I for the controls...on Mario Kart...tough scenes out here for the one and only Smokes.

Knowing the Vape God, he'll be back with a Vengeance...

We can also fully confirm that Donkey Kong is officially the biggest skell in the entire universe. Watch this ridiculous end to a race Rico and I had:

Donkey Kong unleashed his inner 2008 Michael Phelps at beat Rico by 1 one-hundredth of a second. Absolutely bananas if you ask me.

We all know Smitty is the King of Mario Kart 64. Thankfully for everyone playing in this video, Smitty was out filming other content. If the General decides to hop on the sticks in Mario Kart, watch the fuck out!

We may have a challenger for Smitty in the coming weeks…