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Yellowstone National Park Is Getting DESTROYED By Record Flooding

Just an absolutely stunning and sad scene in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Yellowstone is one of those places that, to me, embodies America. The wild life, the history, the landscape, the geology. There's no place exactly like it and if you haven't been you should put it on your bucket list once all this carnage from the flood in cleaned up. They'll need tourists now more than ever, I assume. 

This is a place that needs to be preserved, restored, and cherished. I am going full nerd in this blog. I love Yellowstone and the Teddy Roosevelt National Park origin story. Lobbyists and congress were trying to get him to open up some of these publics lands for mining, agriculture, and other types of development. They argued that if these lands belonged to the public then the public should get to benefit from the resources. Roosevelt said that the lands were there for the greatest amount of people, including those still unborn. Those still "in the womb of time". And he took out his pen and continued to make lands protected by executive order. Yellowstone is the crown jewel of that program. Truly sad to see it ripped apart like this. 

Things could be worse though...the Yellowstone Caldera could blow and then we'd all be FUCKED