It's A Joke That The USMNT Has To Waste Their Time Playing On The Most Bullshit Field In El Salvador

This is a waste of time. I'm not even saying this because US is losing 1-0 to El Salvador (not our first team) at halftime. I'm saying this because it's pointless. A Nations League match where we still play El Salvador at home and we'll still get out of group stage. I'm saying this because look at this shit. It's not soccer. This is our last true warmup before November when we go to Qatar - you know, the place that matters this year. You're not doing any sort of warm up here or figuring anything out. You're just trying to get out of here without an injury while you have El Salvador doing typical CONCACAF shit which is basically just hack at Pulisic's ankles and shove him in the back. 

Meanwhile you have Alexi Lalas spending halftime saying it's snobby to complain about the field. Shut up dude. It's about staying healthy for the World Cup and the corrupt FIFA making us wait until November for it. Frankly I wouldn't care if we just straight up refused to play the second half or played a bunch of reserves. Get our big names out of this.

I'll have a blog about the big picture with USMNT tomorrow but I had to say something about this now. Might even have to fire up some old KFC to make a joke about a Central American country and soccer. Just for old times sake.