You've Got To Feel For Miles Mikolas After He Was One Strike Away From Pitching A No-Hitter

Oh man, what a rough way to lose a no-no for Miles Mikolas. Cruising through the Pirates lineup all night, he had the Buccos on the ropes in the 9th. 2-2 count, 2 outs, this was it, his 129th pitch of the night was going to be it, the final clinching out of a no-hitter.....until it wasn't. Cal Mitchell didn't want to get no-hit again this season and he laid into one deep to center. Harrison Bader got on his horse and made his best attempt to make an unreal catch to secure the no-no but he came up just short. Ball fell on the track and bounced over the wall for an automatic double. He almost caught it too, just a few inches away from a fantastic catch to bookend the no-no, just wasn't meant to be.

Tough way for Mikolas to lose the no-no and end his night. It doesn't get closer than that. 2 strikes, 2 outs, and a fly ball to center. Mikolas pitched his ass off too, 6 Ks, 1 walk, 1 hit, and the 1 run came off an error, Reynolds moved over on a grounder, and then scored on another grounder, but that was really about it. But man, that ball falling with 2 strikes in the ninth, brutal. Legit can't get much closer. 129 pitches too....that's a loooooot of pitches for a guy in todays game. 10 years ago we didn't blink at that, but now it's something to keep an eye on. No doubt they wanted him to get the no-no, now you hope theres no lingering affects from the 129 pitches. Would have been pretty cool to see the no-no, but a 8 2/3 innings start with 6 Ks will have to do for now.