Have You Ever Double Ritz'd?

We learned about a move today that the Bauer family either invented or adopted we dubbed "Double Ritz'ing" which involves chewing up a Ritz cracker to get it into a mushy paste form in your mouth, and spitting it out onto another Ritz cracker to then eat as a treat. One of the most vile delicacies that involves a major company's snack that's ever been concocted, it proved fairly divisive within the group without reaching the presumed overall conclusion that it was a disgusting maneuver. 

And apparently the Bauer's weren't the only ones.

Is it actually disgusting? We've decided to add a Double Ritz to the wheel, so we're about to find out! In time...the wheel is just. In the meantime, check out Tuesday's full show and be sure to subscribe to the Barstool Yak YouTube channel.