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Phil Mickelson Put On The Thumbs Up Performance Of A Lifetime During Today's Practice Round

I can't stop laughing at this. Phil just doing his goofy thumbs up left and right to anyone even looking remotely in his direction. I counted 8 thumbs up in the final 12 seconds of that clip. EIGHT! And the video cuts off before he's even done with the last one. I'm sure he popped the thumbs all the way to his ball 300 yards away.

Phil's biggest hurdle isn't the immense pressure and scrutiny he's under this week. It isn't the long layoff, or the fact that he's 51 years old chasing a major that's eluded him his entire career. It's the fact that he's sending the thumbs up into overdrive here. He and his team are gonna be doing ice bath sessions for his thumbs every night a la Tiger's leg at the 2008 US Open. He's gonna be getting up at 4 AM and hitting the physio trailer every morning to loosen those bad boys up. Gotta have those thumbs firing, that's what I always say.

Forget winning the tournament. This is Phil's masterpiece. This is Wilt's 100, Don Larsen's perfect game, and Jordan's flu game all rolled into one. They're going to be writing books and producing documentaries about this man's effort. How many thumbs up can one man throw in a single week? Stay tuned...