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Lil Wayne Did One Of The Coolest Things Ever This Weekend And Threw A Reunion For His High School Classmates From The Year 2000

XXL - Lil Wayne returned to his hometown of New Orleans over the weekend and threw a reunion for his high school class of 2000.

On Saturday (Oct. 29), Lil Wayne threw a reunion for his high school class of 2000 at his alma mater McMain High School in New Orleans. Photos from the event feature Weezy posing for pictures with his former classmates. In one picture, the Young Money leader is holding a double cup and a blunt while laughing with people from his school.

This isn't the first time Lil Wayne has returned to his old school. In 2008, Tunechi, who just celebrated his 40th birthday last month, made a surprise visit to McMain High School by way of his former manager, Cortez Bryant, who was Wayne's classmate at the school.

During a Q&A session with students, Wayne was asked if the school made him the "beautiful man" he is now. He responded, "McMain helped a lot. It was the only good school [I attended]. But I don't know if it made me beautiful."

This is so cool of Lil Wayne to do.

Most people graduate school, move on in life and want to forget they were ever once just like everybody else trying to figure out what they were going to do with their life. For everybody else that graduated McMain High School in 2000, they've gone on and started careers, families, and traveled their journey, while no doubt keeping an eye on their former classmate that went on to become arguably the greatest rapper alive. 

I imagine they've spent these past 22 years telling everybody they know they went to school with Wayne, much to their disbelief.

Now, they have the pics and stories from a (22-year) reunion thrown by the one and only Martian himself back in their hometown.

The haters will yawn and say "big deal", but think about if you went to high school with somebody this famous, and they were genuinely cool enough to do something like this. 

And they'll also downplay Wayne's popularity because they're cooler than everybody. But Lil Wayne is the fucking stratosphere make no mistake about it.

People forget how fucking huge Lil Wayne was at the height of his powers -

Some of the highest-grossing, most critically acclaimed rap albums of all time. And he's been doing it since he was a baby.

And that wasn't all Wayne did this weekend.

He threw his annual "Lil Weezyana" Music Festival in New Orleans.

And during it, he also treated all his die-hards to a surprise performance from his protege, Drake.

Complex - Lil Wayne graced the stage Saturday night at his New Orleans festival, "Lil Weezyana" for his headlining set, and late into his performance, he asked the audience, “Can you please make some noise for this foreigner? Let’s show him a good time in America.”

That person was Drake, who joined Weezy on stage at Champions Square. “New Orleans is one of the few cities that shaped my career,” Drizzy said. As we know, Lil Wayne took the Toronto native under his wing and helped catapult him to superstar status—and New Orleans producers were pivotal in the early days of Drake’s career. He was previously a surprise guest at one of the annual Lil WeezyAna Fests.

According to Nola.com, he played an 18-minute set, where he and Wayne performed “She Will.” Drake then did renditions of “The Motto,” “In My Feelings,” “God’s Plan,” “Nonstop,” “Jimmy Cooks,” and “Knife Talk.” He also told a story about how he knew his career had taken off when he saw a guy in New Orleans selling bootleg copies of one of his first albums.

Wayne also brought out a young boy, Donovan Fitzpatrick, in the Make-A-Wish program on stage to perform "Go DJ" with him.

Donavon suffers from hypoplastic left heart syndrome … a condition that affects blood flow and we're told is a HUGE Lil Wayne fan back home in Texas.

Wayne brought Donovan onstage during a performance of his classic song "Go DJ"  … and they later met him backstage where Wayne surprised Donovan with a ton of sports memorabilia.

Wayne learned Donovan was a diehard fan of the L.A. Lakers and Kansas City Chiefs, so he dropped off plenty of goodies.

Awesome story. Been looking for footage for two days of this but sadly can't find any…

Great job by Weezy on this.

p.s.- yesterday marked the 13th anniversary of the greatest mixtape of all time, "No Ceilings"