Watching Rookies Get Their First Big League Hit In Front Of Their Parents Will Never Get Old

Don't worry about how the Orioles - Blue Jays game ended up last night, score isn't important. What is important was we saw another rookie get his first hit in the bigs and it just happened to be in front of his parents and family. Kyle Stowers, yet another top Orioles prospect made his debut in Toronto and was lucky enough to have his family in the crowd to witness his debut. His first at-bat lasted all of 3 pitches and ended in a K, but a few at-bats later Stowers stepped up with another top prospect, Adley Rutschman on-base. Stowers split the gap and went opposite field for a double to the wall, allowing Adley to score and giving Stowers his first career hit. Awesome moment in general, but then the Orioles took it above and beyond by having cameras on his family in the stands. 

You can see his fiancé going crazy, her mom having a ball, Stowers' mom enjoying the moment and then his soon to be father-in-law tearing up watching Stowers stand at second. What a cool moment for the entire family as they got to watch Kyle make his debut, get his first hit, and achieve his lifelong dream. The father-in-law will get your in the feels, emotionally happy for Stowers, a really cool moment caught on camera. This is the stuff that never gets old, these young guys celebrating in front of their friends and family, every single time it's awesome.

The best part was when the Orioles film crew caught Kyle turning around to find his family in the stands, and when he saw them he raised his fist, let out a big smile and could read his lips saying "that's my mom." What a cool moment for all of them, this is one of the pros about having a young team, a lot of these type of occasions. Doesn't matter if it's Kyle Stowers or Jeremy Peña hitting his first homer while his parents were being interviewed. Awesome, awesome stuff that I'm an absolute sucker for.