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Ryan Whitney Gives Advice To His Younger Self Ahead Of The 2022 Stanley Cup Finals

On today's Pardon My Take... RYAN WHITNEY! The co-host of the Spittin' Chiclets podcast joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to recap his viral experience at the Pearson Airport in Canada, preview all angles of the 2022 Stanley Cup Finals, and he even made his pick on who he thinks is going to win the Lightning vs. Avalanche series. 

The conversation also took a unique turn, when Whitney and the guys got into the topic of not only how hard it is to make the NHL, but the difficulty of having to consistently play at an elite level in the league. What advice would Whitney give to his younger self when he was in the NHL? We got some answers on today's show.

Mr. Commenter: You're selling yourself short a little bit, though. I would say that Ryan Whitney is a guy that... a nice way to say it would be like, you got the absolute most out of your ability.

Ryan Whitney: No, I didn't. No, I didn't. I really didn't. I got hurt, but I also didn't have a great attitude and didn't approach the game maybe as professional as I would have liked in terms of the off-ice antics. I did not get the most out of my potential, I promise you. 

Mr. Commenter: So, what would future Ryan Whitney say? What would like, current day Ryan Whitney say if he could travel back in time and talk to little Whit?

Ryan: *deep thoughts* Damn. Maybe one of those, like, when you make the NHL, or, I didn't think it when I made the NHL, but when you have one or two good years, you have to continue to not only keep that same work ethic, but probably even up it a little bit as you get a little older, you got to work a little harder. And as I was like, after a few good years, my first and second year and my two best years, it's like, "I got it. I made it."

Mr. Commenter: This shit's easy.

Ryan Whitney: "Ah! This is the fucking NHL? Oh my God…"

Mr. Cat: That's relatable.

Ryan Whitney: "Find me another league."

Mr. Commenter: What a joke.

Mr. Cat: Yeah and then they did, in Russia. 

Ryan Whitney: Yeah, they did. Yeah, it was called the AHL, and then the KHL.

This is actually some really good advice from Ryan Whitney, and can be relatable in all professions. Just because you have made it to "the top," it doesn't guarantee that you're going to stay there. Despite climbing that ladder, you still are expected to put in that insane work ethic that got you there, and you probably should consider turning it up to the next level. 

I laugh more than I usually do whenever Whit or Biz appear on PMT. Their mojo with Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter is unlike anything else. Be sure to check out Spittin' Chiclets throughout the Stanley Cup Finals.