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Love is Back: A-Rod Continues To Put The Blinders On JLo While Having a Blast In Italy With His New Girlfriend

It's never easy breaking away from a 52 year old never aging sex icon all-time pop star like Jennifer Lopez. It's especially not easy when you see her out galavanting with her rekindled flame in Ben Affleck. How do you respond if you're Alex Rodriguez, a man constantly in the lime light who once sat at the top of the sports world? You put your blinders on, get back in the lab, and find yourself an answer. A-Rod has done that. 

We first saw his hints of his new girlfriend at a Timberwolves playoff game a month ago. Enter Kathryne Padgett

Some wondered if she was just his guest for the night or if they were just friends. Well, how's a vacation in Italy with the whole family sound to you? 

Wish I could include all the pics, most taken by A-Rod himself but we'd get sued by various paparazzi vultures. If you care to see more they're in the link above, but I did what I could to wrangle in some here. 

We root for love on this forum. I just want A-Rod to be happy, he deserves it after the J-Lo debacle. 

Go Alex Go