The Kid Laroi Brought Out The Wiggles For A Surprise Guest Performance At One Of His Concerts And Brought The House Down With "Fruit Salad"

People going apeshit for The Wiggles in 2022, something I never thought I'd see. For those of us who are too old to appreciate The Wiggles, we have to at least respect that they are MASSIVELY popular for kids born in the 2000s (barf omg) and this was an incredible move. The entire place is screaming "Fruit Salad," and the group got cheers from the crowd as if they were the fucking Beatles. I'm trying to think of an equivalent for us 90s babies...the big comfy couch maybe? Spongebob? Barney? Imagine one minute you're screaming "ILL BE FUCKED UP IF YOU CAN'T BE RIGHT HERE" and launching directly into "I love you, you love me"? I'd go apeshit too. Kid Laroi sounds and looks happier than anyone in the building about this performance, and I'm a sucker for something this wholesome.