This Teacher Telling a Student to Go Dig Up Her Dead Dad to Fight Him Is the WILDEST Thing You've Ever Heard

I don't know what I was prepared for when I started watching this video, but it was definitely not that. This teacher landed the kill shot to end all kill shots.

I'm sure everyone's initial reaction is to be against the teacher for saying something so insane, but I'm on his team. You can see in his eyes he's had enough from this kid for the last 10 months and he's finally going to get his jab in before the end of the year. I know damn well whatever class he teaches rocks — given you don't piss him off. Honestly, my biggest qualm with the guy is that he's wearing a jersey of the man who stole the 1997 Heisman Trophy.

It's about time someone stands up to these damn kids. (Sorry about the dad, though.)