Two Hawks Living At Citi Field Is Concrete Proof That The Mets Are Now The Hunters Of Baseball Instead Of The Hunted

In case you are one of those Mets fans that doesn't think anything has changed now that the boys in Flushing have the best record in the National League, lead the NL in runs scored, and are fourth in runs allowed despite their two aces being hurt, this should be the thing that hammers that very obvious point through your thick skull. Trust me, the three things I know are the Mets, birds, and juju.

 In the past the Mets have had weird animals get us through the endless marathon that is the baseball season. The black cat of 1969 that cursed the Cubs. The yellow parakeet of 2015 that was a sign of the beautiful magic during the Summer of Yo. The rat raccoon ratcoon of 2021 that served as the perfect distraction as two of our starters fought in the tunnel. 

All of those animals were fun in their own, extremely Metsy way. But none of them can hold a candle to a motherfucking hawk. A bird of prey. A flying murder machine that can kill with its talons or beak just like the Mets can win with their pitching or hitting. Or defense. Or base running. Or a manager that knows the rule book better than the umpires, a GM that can find gold off of the waiver wire scrap heap, and an owner that is as rich as he is competitive that will spend whatever money is necessary to bring a ring to Queens. You wanna watch the hype video? Of course you fucking do!

For a very long time the Mets were the hunted. The prey. The field mice of baseball that always had to worry about when they would be locked in the jaws of a cuncel. But now that Steve and Alex have a nest at Citi (yes I named these hawks after my baseball parents), everything has changed from a baseball and juju perspective and the only way they can be trumped is if the Braves or Phillies have eagles living at their stadium. Hey speaking of eagles, did you hear Barstool's 4th of July merch was just released?


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