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Sure, This Is Normal: College Basketball Will Likely Have A Game In A Baseball Stadium And On An Aircraft Carrier This Season


Yeah, this is normal. Why not play games in basketball arenas when you can play on an aircraft carrier or in a baseball stadium? I mean, we've seen the aircraft carrier game

Sandy Huffaker. Getty Images.

Cool backdrop? Of course. But this game did not go well. It was 67-55 where Michigan State shot 30% from the field and 20% from three. That's basketball, Suzyn. If we're playing games outside why not play them at somewhere cool? I still want a college hoops game at Rucker. Give me a game over at Venice Beach courts instead. I mean, hey, Gonzaga/Michigan State is a big time game. I just wish it was a normal game. I want to see them play on a real court. 

As for the baseball stadium? They'll have the roof closed which is bullshit. Wisconsin wants to get creative, play in the conditions. That or just play in San Diego again: 

Kent Horner. Getty Images.


That game wasn't great either. But at least it was outdoors! If we're going to get unique spots, give me as weird as possible. 

Again the wish list is simple for college basketball:

1. 24 hour tip off

2. More non conference games in February

3. This updated bracket busters to happen 

4. A couple day time basketball games during the week MACtion style

5. Final Fours in basketball arenas

I can't believe we're bringing back the aircraft game man.