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City of Champions: Meek Mill Is On His Way To Becoming The Strongest Dude On The Planet

Did the Flyers have one of the most embarrassing seasons in hockey history? Yes. Did the Eagles fall ass backwards into a playoff spot by getting to play through a dog shit NFC East schedule? Yes. Did the Sixers shit the bed this year the same way they shit the bed last year and the year before that and the year before that? Yes. Did the Phillies wait like 5 weeks too long to fire Joe Girardi? Yes. 

None of that matters. Because Philadelphia is the City of Champions. We breed and sustain excellence here in the City of Brotherly Love. And Meek Mill is yet another shining example of the success coming out of this city. I mean just look at the young man go. 

That bar has to be, what, at least 25lbs? Those plates are probably at least 5lbs EACH. So that's 35 whole pounds that Meek is pushing. Find me anybody else on the planet who can move that kind of weight. And don't even give me any guff about his form. When you're working with as much weight as Meek has loaded on that bar, your form is going to suffer a bit. He's still putting up that heavy ass weight and you're probably sitting on the toilet right now.

It just feels great knowing that we have Meek Mill here to defend Philadelphia if it ever came down to it. Basically like having a real life version of the Hulk to protect the city. If one city has a Hulk and the other does not, I think it's safe to assume who comes out on top. 

P.S. -- Yes. It looks like it's going to be a slow day.