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The Bears Are Heading Into A Pretty Good Spot For 2023

Usually when you bring in a new regime there is an automatic sense of optimism that comes from a place of "they have to be better than those fucking idiots we just fired", but that doesn't seem to be the case with Eberflus and Poles yet. At least that is my read on Bears fans at the moment. Expectations couldn't be lower for 2022. Last year's team was bad and the Bears removed Hicks, Khalil Mack, Goldman, Trevaithan, and Allen Robinson from the equation. All I personally hope to see this year is genuine growth from Justin Fields and an attitude of competitiveness across the roster. Nobody expects them to win, but it'd be great to see a physical football team that plays hard. 

2023 could be a different story though, per Aaron Leming

With a shit ton of money on what is looking like a potentially pretty good free agent class (especially at WR) and their full allotment of draft picks the Bears have put themselves in a pretty decent position to sling shot themselves up towards the top of the NFC North in 2023 assuming that Fields is indeed that dude. 

Kreutz seems to think that a healthy offensive line will actually be decent

A healthy dose of David Montgomery, properly utilizing Cole Kmet, and hopefully Pringle or ESB can add a little something to the passing game. Give Fields a chance to make plays with those guys and stay upright. Maybe, just maybe, there's a gleam for 2023.