The Phrase "You've Made Your Bed, Now Lie In It" Doesn't Make A Single Frickin' Lick Of Sense

So this quote from Rory popped up on my timeline today. Obviously LIV Golf is the biggest talking point in sports right now, especially with all these guys gathering up at The Country Club for the US Open this week. I feel like there are only so many times we can hear the same exact questions answered the same exact way. All of the guys who made the jump to LIV are going to keep calling it a business decision, all the guys staying loyal to to the PGA Tour are going to say they don't agree with the decision to leave but everyone gets to make their own choice. No question about LIV Golf at the moment is going to get an answer that is worthy of a headline, but that's not going to stop every single reporter in Brookline this week from asking. 

But I keep coming back to this response from Rory. "Once you make your bed, you lie in it". Clearly a rough paraphrase of "you've made your bed, now lie in it". I'm not sure if Rory thinks that his dad made up that phrase or not, but that's besides the point. Because regardless of who came up with that phrase in the first place...


There are plenty of sayings out there that don't make sense to me, but I always just assumed there was a justified meaning behind it. Something like "the proof is in the pudding". But who the actual shit makes their bed and THEN lays down in it? That is so ass backwards. Nobody makes their bed before getting in it. You make your bed only after you're done sleeping in it. Then when it times to go to sleep again the next night, you unmake your bed before getting back in. 

What the hell would the purpose be to make your bed nice and neatly, and then immediately fuck it all up by getting back into it? I wholeheartedly agree that actions have consequences, but there has to be a better way to convey that belief. Seriously, how have we not fixed this one yet?