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Joey Votto Will 100% Make A Tik Tok With You If You Bring A Sign To A Game Asking Him To Make One

I truly believe no one has more fun playing the game of baseball than Joey Votto. He's one of the smartest guys in the league, absolutely hilarious, he "gets it" better than anyone, and just has the most fun out there. Case in point, the Reds are in Arizona and Joey spotted a young girl in the crowd with a sign asking Votto to do a Tik Tok with her. Since Votto is now obsessed with Tik Tok and all social media he couldn't turn her down. Pregame he went out there, reviewed some tape with the young fan and then they went to work. He's griddying all over the field before the game just so they could get the perfect shot. Not a bad griddy either I may add. 

This is why he's beloved all across the game regardless of what his average is or what the Reds are doing, all we ever see out of him is hilarious fan interactions, him being nice to the fans, and engaging with the youth like this. Never too big for an autograph or to say hi to someone, stuff like this is why Votto is the best. The Tik Tok didn't turn out half bad either.