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Squid Game Is OFFICIALLY Coming Back For A 2nd Season

One of the creepiest, strangest, and original shows of all time is coming back for season 2. I have no idea how you can possibly replicate the shock factor that came from watching Squid Game the first time, but I promise that EVERYONE who watched the first season will be coming back for more. I feel like they need a different theme. This narrative that being in crippling debt is scarier or worse than death felt like a perfect creepy piece for the times. I can't imagine how they can possibly one-up or pivot to something that is just as insightful and just as horrifying as season 1, but I guess that is why I am a simpleton blogger and not an artistic genius with a fucked up brain. 

I was the last one in the Chicago Office to watch it and at like 6pm they all decided that they wanted to talk about it on the podcast or maybe it was SiriusXM and I was forced to watch the entirety of season one as basically an all nighter. I was delirious by the end and I have no idea how much of that was because of the show and how much was being tired, but I was totally captivated. And so was everyone else in America. The only Korean show to reach #1 on netflix and it had 1.65 BILLION viewing hours in it's first 28 days on the platform. 

Sounds like it is still very early in the writing process for season 2, but per that letter to fans the main characters will be back. Buckle up. Get weird. Watch S1 if you haven't.