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Ryan Whitney's Airport Debacle Is Being Debated On The Floor Of Canadian Parliament

This has to go down as one of those Bizarro World Of Barstool moments. Whit went insanely viral last week because Toronto-Pearson Airport trapped him there for a longer stay than he would've had at Guantanamo Bay. If you haven't seen the rant clip, here it is

Absolutely hilarious that it happened to Whit. Nobody better person to piss off if you want a great rant/complaint and now he's making waves in Canada. Canada is so incompetent that it took Ryan Whitney embarassing them on an international stage for them to starting trying to solve the problem of being an absolute joke. I am sure there have been lobbyists, and politicians, and businesses all complaining and trying to get this issue resolved for years, but it took Whitney shining a light to actually get people to move their ass in government. Incredible. 

They still owe him an apology. Trudeau himself should apologize. We need apology guy back on the floor of Parliament tomorrow.