Is This The End Of Rebirth Island? Call of Duty Reveals A New Resurgence Map Named 'Fortune's Keep' That Will Be Coming To Warzone Soon

PLEASE do not fuck this up Call of Duty...gamers absolutely love Rebirth Island. It's the only thing keeping me sane right now when I'm streaming Warzone for 5+ hours a day.

Caldera is in a really rough spot with rats everywhere. There isn't another other options...I'm worried!

This map does look promising, but it's all going to depend how people play the map. Alcatraz is widely regarded as a great resurgence map. What I'd love to see is some sort of rotation for Resurgence maps. We don't have to completely get rid of Rebirth, but it could be rotated along with Fortune's Keep. This is the best strategy I see working for Activision.

What I'm most worried about is Fortune's Keep flopping, which results in NOBODY playing Warzone anymore. When I initially look at this map above, I notice there's a LOT of buildings. That's worrisome. For a BR map to work in Warzone, you need a solid blend of open area to buildings/cover. Think about the difference between Downtown and Airfield back in Verdansk. One of these POIs has entirely too much cover, while the other was virtually naked and fucked everyone on a rotation.

In this thread below, JGod discusses the potential size of the new map:

First off, JGod is the goat. Second, with a slightly bigger map, could we see an increase in player count? The mid-40 player max on Rebirth feels perfect. It gets chaotic at times, but there always seems to be enough space for everyone. If JGod's map is correct, I could see Warzone upping the player count to 60ish.


It's a smart idea to bring some new content into Warzone while we all await the arrival of Warzone 2. Rebirth is the hot chick in the halls these day, so I'm happy they can see what the audience is enjoying. But when it drops, it's all about execution! Are we gonna see the same situation as Verdansk to Caldera? We'll just have to wait and see.

We'll be back on stream tomorrow morning at 9:30am playing Rebirth Island. Some special guests may appear…See you there!

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